Terra Nova

Terra Nova will thrust you into virtual worlds like never before.

The folks who brought you the first-person technology behind the Ultimate Under-world adventures and System Shock are nearly finished with their sci-fi combat simulation, Terra Nova. And ever since it was first announced, this innovative title has ranked high on our official PC Gamer Wish List.

In Terra Nova, you'll not only will you get a near limitless supply of first- person destruction, but you'll also enjoy a terrific story of human conflict in the near future and a strategy-adventure game where your decisions and your ability to command will be thoroughly tested.

Realistic terrain and dire circumstances are just part of Terra Nova's appeal; there's a fast action-adventure in here as well.

With stunning graphics based on the texture-mapping techniques used in their aerobatic flight simulator Flight Unlimited, Looking Glass has created a completely immersive world for Terra Nova that will keep you playing for hours.


Sound Blaster's 3D Cousin

Now, with the 3D Blaster, even more realism will be added to incredible Flight Unlimited, an air-stunt flight sim by Looking Glass Technologies.

3D video looks like it'll be the next big battleground in gaming peripherals. Thanks to Windows 95's support of 3D- accelerator cards and the growing interest on the part of game designers in exploring fully realized 3D worlds, video card manufacturers are almost universally scrambling to get the best 3D acceleration solutions to market.

Now Creative Labs is weighing in with its new 3D Blaster, a 3D-accelerated video card aimed squarely at the gaming public. The new card will support Criterion Software's RenderWare device driver - an important part of the 3D Blaster strategy. Since more than 500 developers support RenderWare developers, the 3D Blaster will enjoy plenty of software support.

The heart of the 3D Blaster will be the GLINT 3D processor chip - a scaled down, "gaming" version of 3Dlabs' GLINT 300SX, used for CAD, modeling, animation and games authoring. The GLINT 3D supports accelerated texture-mapping and has the ability to manipulate the polygons that lie beneath the textures. This should result in visual quality and performance that will give even 32-bit game consoles a run for their money.

The GLINT 3D provides faster graphics by handling these video functions itself, rather than drawing on your PCs CPU. This should translate directly into improved game performance, and will also accelerate non-gaming applications like the next-generation VRML 3D internet browsers.

The 3D graphics of Bullfrog's Magic Carpet were simply stunning. We can't wait to see what Magic Carpet Plus will look like with the 3D Blaster powering it.

Whereas many games today run at 32Ox2OQ resolutions with 256 colors, the 3D Blaster will accelerate games running at resolutions as high as 640x480 and 65,536 colors to twice their non-accelerated speed. It will also be fully Plug-n-Play compatible with Windows 95, assuring easy installation.

For you techies out there, the 3D Blaster will feature double- buffered graphics, Z buffering, alpha transparency, hardware fogging, and texture anti-aliasing. If you don't understand all that, don't worry. Neither do we. But it sure sounds good.

How many games will support the 3D Blaster directly? Over 200 developers have already signed on, among them Electronic Arts/Bullfrog, Interplay, Mindscape, Papyrus, Looking Glass, and Ocean. Les Edgar, managing director at Bullfrog, said, "Creative Labs has a long history as an industry leader in bringing sound technology to the gaming experience, and we believe that 3D Blaster will continue that tradition of innovation." With more than 15 million Sound Blaster audio products in homes all over the world, Creative Labs has become a well- known and trusted name in gaming peripherals.

The first 3D Blasters will be designed for VESA Local Bus computers as Creative Labs aims for the over 20 million 486-based systems in use today; a PCI versions will be available in early ‘96 for Pentium-based systems. The $349 card should be on store shelves as you read this (around mid-November 1995), and will be packaged with six full games:

EA/Bullfrog's Magic Carpet Plus, Mindscape's Cybersied and Azrael's Tear, Papyrus' NASCAR, PF Magic's Ballz Out!, and Looking Glass' Flight Unlimited. These titles will take full advantage of the 3D Blaster API, and should be impressive examples of the new 3D technology.

With so many 3D-accelerator cards poised to hit the market, it's going to be interesting to see which becomes the market leader - and which offers the best performance. One thing's for certain, though: Whether its the best or not, a lot of folks are going to buy the new Creative Labs card just because they're familiar with the Blaster name, made famous by Creative Labs' Sound Blaster line.


Nintendo 64 Magazine

Here is an entry from an old gaming magazine I found sitting under my bed.

That’s better. I always felt a bit ‘exposed’ on page 3, and that enormous Multi Racing advert has given me the perfect excuse to repair to somewhere a little more discreet.

We’ve been looking forward to putting Yoshi on our cover for ages, and this month seemed like the perfect excuse, with loads of new pictures emerging from Japan giving more of an insight into how exactly Yoshi’s Story will work. But a 2D N64 game? Will the public swallow it? Go Go!! Troublemakers has been getting a severe cold- shouldering in Japan, so Nintendo’s marketing men are really going to have to put their thinking caps on.

Great news about Diddy Kong Racing, though, eh? James has played it against Rare’s programmers and says it’s absolutely brilliant, with tonnes more to do than Mario Karl and the most detailed graphics he’s yet seen on the N64. He actually smiled at one point as he was explaining it.

Diligent readers will spot a new name cropping up in N64 Magazine from now on. It belongs to Jes (pronounced ‘Jez’ — we’re not quite sure why he spells it like that) Bickham, who approached us in Pizza Hut, where he works, to brag about his Mario Raceway time. 10611 might not look much these days, but it’s hours faster than any of us can manage, so we decided to recruit’ him, Already he’s ferreted out some invaluable new Mario Kart short-cuts (see page 68), and he’s now beavering away on a ‘How To…’ guide that next month will explain all the really tricky parts of Blast Corps.

Someone called Shirley left a message on my answering machine yesterday inviting me to a meal at the weekend. I’ve no idea who Shirley is, but I think I might go anyway.


Minecraft Online Game Review

I’m very late to the Minecraft multiplayer scene, as it took me almost 6 years to actually try the darn game with other players. Like many others, I too was not really in the mood to play a game where you build houses and castles to just look at them with other people. However, I wasn’t aware that there were many other different type of game modes that could make it more interesting.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft has taken the entire universe by storm since it became available for PC’s a couple of years ago! In fact, Minecraft is currently used in schools around the world to help engage children with their lessons in schools and improve their minds. When the company released its Xbox Live version, they sold millions of copies in only the first week, which broke a new selling record. There is no second opinion that Minecraft is one of the most loved games in the world. You can play Minecraft online at Minecraft for Free X to get a good taste of what the game has to offer you.

Minecraft is an open ended, “sandbox” video game in which you build and breakdown different types of blocks, for different purposes. It sounds a bit weird and mysterious at first, but the idea is simple. There are two main modes in the game; Creative and Survival. In Creative mode, you will get supplies and have no need to be worry about food. Nothing in this mode can harm you (unless you fall into the void), and you can build whatever you want. Also, you can breakdown every type of block instantly and fly. You can also do cool things, like make a cell phone.

In Survival mode, you need to find the supplies and food to survive in the three dimension world. While looking for food, you can interact with the environment such as entering a body of water and hunt animals for food. Also, there are some dangerous creatures in this mode like zombies and creepers you must defeat to survive.

However, in Minecraft online, you’ll find that there are other objectives you must complete in order to win, depending on what server you’re playing on. You should visit Minecraft Servers Hub for a list of the best servers to play on (based on a public voting system).

Prices and Availability

The game is available for Xbox 360, PCs, and Macs. There are versions for Android, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Raspberry Pi and iPad! The PC version of Minecraft is available for $27 USD, Xbox version for $20 and mobile/tablet version for $7. To make a purchase of PC version, you can visit the official website of Minecraft. For smartphones, you can visit the Play store, App store and Amazon store. The only restriction of the game is that you need to make an account and if you are 12 years old or younger, you need to use your parents account to play it.

It’s Cool and Challenging

When you begin playing Minecraft, you will be taken into an entire new world. There will be simple piano music in the background as you come to a beach, jungle, mountain, or whatever the game decides. You’ll need to cut the wood from trees and dig into the earth.

When darkness begins, you see a block of moon rising high on the sky. Don’t get lost in the nature’s beauty without making your shelter, since there are a lot of creepers (dangerous exploding minions) looking for you. I was quite scared when I encountered my first zombie. Not knowing what’s out there was one of the most exciting parts of the game when you first start out, and the monsters were no exception. Check out a first timer’s reaction:


I had mixed feelings when I started digging into the ground, only to mine a bunch of stone that didn’t yield anything useful. After consulting a Wiki, I found the game to be more enjoyable, as I figured out what to do. Naturally, I was taken by Minecraft’s simplicity and yet surprisingly deep experience. Look at this Minecraft monstrosity someone created.


When I played Minecraft online, it was provided an entirely new way of seeing the game. Fighting other players and interacting with them made the game much more fun, since fighting AI must eventually become boring at one point. The challenge of working together or merely fighting for your life against another player is more than enough to keep you wanting to play some more.

It’s Your World

There are no levels or points in this game, since its purpose is only to create, explore, and survive. But there are a large number of achievements as you progress in the game. Every time you do something new while playing Minecraft, there will be something special for you like when you catch a fish or open your inventory for the first time. The graphics of Minecraft will definitely make you remember the old times, unless you’re 10. These graphics were actually necessary to make this game a real unique one. I admit, it’s a bit deceptive and misleading, but the game is quite fun once you play around for a while. In short, this is entirely your world where you can create anything and tear it apart whenever you like. Play Minecraft online or install it in your phone and enjoy. Have fun!


3 Cool SNES Games

Suicide Run
MGM’s newest fast-paced shooter for the PlayStation forces the player into a plot where he/she has to blast his/her way through hordes of worker droids gone awry. Viewed from a Lop-down perspective and armed with cybernetic armor, players morph” into their defeated enemies’ bodies and inherit their increasingly powerful characteristics and weaponry. This arsenal includes grenade launchers. multishol lasers and plasma cannons. During the course of Suicide Run (previously known as H.O.S.T.). players can moiph into nine different droids. each sporting three deadly weapons.

Movement is experienced in 360-degree lange of firing within 1 4 different multilayered 3D environmenls. Sonic of the stages range from an Earthly swamp level to an alien liomevoild. For techno fanatics out theic. Suicide Run ilS( hoists au iwesonie collection of music for keeping interest high during play.

Harvest Moon
From Natsume comes Harvest Moon. It is a small character RPG that is filled with an above—average stoly and plenty of conversation. There are multiple areas to explore iiicltiding many differ— ciii towns and buildings both large and small inside ot the walled cities. Your progress is gently guided through the adventure but not so restricted that it feels like you are just watching a movie and pressing buttons. Graphics are reminiscent of early Super N ES games. but are lint really needed to be all that impressive due to the player’s attention being drawn to other areas ot the title, mainly the story. Sure it’s not going to give FFVII for the PS a challenge. but it’s a thrill to play in its own right.

Lost Vikings II
The Super NES hasn’t thrown in the towel yet as The Lost Vikings return for more action in ’97. This time, players can expect to make more allies including a dragon and a wolf in their adverntures. They will also use their custom talents to get them through all-new levels of obstacles. You still can only control three Vikings (or characters) at a time, and these are based on the mission parameters. Sometimes you may start out with two vikings and have to acquire another character in your mission. Ready for round two?



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