Nintendo 64 Magazine

Here is an entry from an old gaming magazine I found sitting under my bed.

That’s better. I always felt a bit ‘exposed’ on page 3, and that enormous Multi Racing advert has given me the perfect excuse to repair to somewhere a little more discreet.

We’ve been looking forward to putting Yoshi on our cover for ages, and this month seemed like the perfect excuse, with loads of new pictures emerging from Japan giving more of an insight into how exactly Yoshi’s Story will work. But a 2D N64 game? Will the public swallow it? Go Go!! Troublemakers has been getting a severe cold- shouldering in Japan,


Minecraft Online Game Review

I’m very late to the Minecraft multiplayer scene, as it took me almost 6 years to actually try the darn game with other players. Like many others, I too was not really in the mood to play a game where you build houses and castles to just look at them with other people. However, I wasn’t aware that there were many other different type of game modes that could make it more interesting.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft has taken the entire universe by storm since it became available for PC’s a couple of years ago! In fact, Minecraft is currently used in schools around the world to help engage children


3 Cool SNES Games

Suicide Run
MGM’s newest fast-paced shooter for the PlayStation forces the player into a plot where he/she has to blast his/her way through hordes of worker droids gone awry. Viewed from a Lop-down perspective and armed with cybernetic armor, players morph” into their defeated enemies’ bodies and inherit their increasingly powerful characteristics and weaponry. This arsenal includes grenade launchers. multishol lasers and plasma cannons. During the course of Suicide Run (previously known as H.O.S.T.). players can moiph into nine different droids. each sporting three deadly weapons.




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